Meeting for Learning

Meeting for Learning is a time that we set aside to prayerfully explore the experiences of spirit and the dimensions of the inward landscape.

Expectation is that our sessions will have many of the following characteristics:

A: While our explorations will have a particular focus, the ‘space’ in which we explore will be open.
B: Our journey will be hospitable with places to rest for nourishment.
C: We will listen with an ear to what we bring as individuals and what we learn as a group.
D: We will honor both the ‘little stories’ of those involved but also the ‘big stories’  of both faith and rooted practice.
E: Meeting for Learning will support solitude and sharing the many resources we bring as a faith community.  An emphasis will be placed on personal and group reflection on life in the Spirit.
F: At various times we will be welcoming vocal participation and silent reflection.  Music, drama, poetry, or film may play a part of future sessions.