What should I wear?

There is no special way you need to dress.

Because most people are familiar with Friends’ historic plain dress, this is one of the questions most frequently asked by people who want to visit.  At our meetings for worship you will find all levels of dress from  jeans and cotton tops to business suits and dresses.  Dress comfortably. What a person wears is simply not as important to us as the way a person lives.

Actually, there never was a “Quaker uniform.” Friends tried to avoid worldly fashion in dress and so tended to dress in styles that were about one generation behind the times (When a style has been around for a while it no longer seems quite so worldly).  Most Friends discontinued any form of special  Quaker dress early in the 20th century when store-bought clothes became cheaply available. It became very expensive to have clothes custom made to an older style and was thus actually contrary to the original witness that one should not concern one’s self unduly about clothing. Modern Friends tend to wear simpler, more conservative off-the-rack clothing, and cannot be told by their dress from most other Americans.